Flop or not: Tanya Burr 12 days of beauty advent calendar

Today, I thought I would add a new little segment on my blog called Flop or not. In this little segment, I will basically be reviewing the product or beauty trend and give it an overall rating. I would just like to say that I in no way trying to hate on Tanya, I love Tanya’s products and even though I might not give it the highest rating, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend her other products.

The thing which I am going to be reviewing today is the Tanya Burr 12 days of beauty advent calendar. I picked this up from Superdrug for £15.00, down from £25.00. I was really excited to open this as I had seen last years calendar and thought it was really cool.

I’ll start with the packaging. I thought the packaging of the calendar was really nice. It’s just a standard advent calendar box, with doors which you tear open. It had a really nice print on it of the house and pictures of Tanya, Jim and Martha. It also had glitter which was the snow. Overall, I really liked the packaging, although, some of the doors were quite hard to open and the gifts hard to get out.

As for the actual days, I am going to go through them one by one. Behind the day one door was a lipgloss. This was in the shade Candy cane. this is a really nice red shade, with a pinky tinge. In the bottle, this lip gloss looked lovely, with a slight glitter running through it. However, once I put this on my lips, I found that this shade did not suit me and I didn’t like it at all really. For me, I found that the balance between red and pink wasn’t quite right. Although, the formulation of the lipgloss and how it spread across my lips was lovely and it did actually last quite a long time.

In day two, was a nail file. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t impressed with this nail file at all, I found that it did not actually file my nails at all and was more like a piece of card.

In day three, was a little mirror. This mirror is just a small circle and is perfect handbag size. The only thing that did bother me slightly about it is the fact that it does not have another side which folds over, which makes me conscious to put it in my bag in case it gets scratched and dirty.

In day four, was a glitter pot. This was the first of two glitter pots, this one was gold. I mean, the glitters just like ordinary glitter, so it worked, but I found that the  little filter bit in top didn’t work so well. I think I need to pierce the holes a bit more. Obviously, because there isn’t glue, the glitter doesn’t stick, but I’m sure if you used a primer or something like that it would stick just fine. This for me was one of the better gifts in the calendar.

Behind day five was another lipgloss, in the shade berry pavlova. This time it was a bright, what people might call a more traditional red. Again, the formulation was really nice and stuff and the pigmentation in it is lovely. Again, I love the colour, but on my skin town, it didn’t look right and I ended up concluding the bright reds don’t suit me at all.

img_6998Behind day six, was a beautiful nail polish. It is a gold glitter polish, like the ones you put on your nails once you have a colour on already. It does have a bit of a funny smell, but I think thats something I can look past.

In day seven, was a silver glitter liner. Now, this is literally just glue and glitter. I mean, I kind of expected that, kind of hoped for a proper glitter liner. When I opened this door, I found that the glue was separated from the glitter. Obviously, this is’t anyones fault, it is just the way it was shipped and could be fixed by shaking it, however, I do now find that if I stand it up, the two do separate it, but it can be easily sorted, which isn’t a problem.

By this point, I had decided to open the rest of the doors, as it was actually the 12th and I had previously been opening every other day.

img_7006Behind day eight was another glitter pot, this time in silver. I would say its maybe a little bit more white than silver though! I haven’t tried this one out properly, because I didn’t want to get glitter everywhere, but I’m assuming it is the same as the gold glitter.

In the day nine door was another lip product. This time it was a matte lip, in the shade christmas stocking, which was exciting, but again, it was in a bright red shade, verging on the edge of an orange shade. I really don’t suit reds so this wasn’t any use to me. I did still try it though and the formulation was great and the product in general was really nice. I did also find that it lasted quite a long time and wasn’t overly drying like some matte lips are. However, the one down side to it was that I had to use TWO make up wipes to get it off. I put one or two coats of it on and left it on for around an hour, maybe slightly longer, as you would with a lipstick if you were to wear it for a whole day. It was good because it didn’t come off during my hour of testing, but, when I came to wipe it off, it would not come off. It basically just smudged the whole way around my lips and up my face. I the had to use a second make up wipe to get it off and even then, it didn’t completely come off, which was really annoying.

In day ten, was another glitter liner, this time in gold. In this one, the glue and glitter had not separated and worked a lot better than the silver. Other than that though, the liner is essentially the same, really easy to apply, with a little brush which I wish all  standard black liners had!

Behind day eleven, was a gorgeous deep red nail polish, with glitter img_6995running through it. I really like the colour of this, but the only thing which was annoying is that the consistency is really thin and spreads onto my skin when I use it. I think, if I were timg_6996o use this properly, I would use a
regular red nail polish underneath and then use this on top.
Finally, in day twelve, was a silver nail polish. The silver polish was is much a like the gold and is literally glitter in the polish. Again, a nice top coat type polish.

My rating:  5/10 – a bit of a flop

I have given this calendar 5/10. I have a few reasons, so I will explain them. The first reason I have given it this rating is because of the range of lip shades. I don’t suit reds, and I get they are a christmassy colour, but I would have liked to see maybe one light pinky shade just to balance it for people who don’t suit red.

I have also given it this rating because the nail file put me off a little bit because it just didn’t work and bent etc.

For me, it wasn’t the best calendar, but please remember that for other people this might be different because they might suit the reds and love the calendar. So this is just MY rating and is not any kind of hate on Tanya, as previously stated, I love Tanya’s products as I’m sure you will learn!

I hope you enjoyed this little review! Sorry about some of the pictures being missing and blurry, I will add them as a gallery at the bottom!

Enjoy your stay at fashion fourteen!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. becajade says:

    This was interesting! I hadn’t seen what was in her calendar this year. I LOVE reds so I think I would have liked it, but I totally get why you didn’t!

    xo Beca Jade | http://www.becajade.com


    1. Thank you! If you like reds, you would have loved this! xx


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