December Chit Chat & Hot Chocolate

Today, I thought I would have a bit of a fashion chit chat, while I make myself a hot chocolate and talk about the latest trends or go through my own wardrobe and pick out my winter look book. I think I am going to make it a tradition to always make a drink in this post and maybe a little how- to, to go along with it and pick out the latest trends, while I drink said drink.

Today, I am making myself a hot chocolate. I am typically quite lazy and just use the powder from the store.The one of choice is the Cadburys Freddo Hot chocolate. My Friends mug (£9.99, HMV) is massive, so I put a heaped tea spoon and a bit more in the mug. I then get another mug and just pour the milk in right to the top. I then whack this into the microwave for two minutes.

Okay, so today, I have picked up the December issue of Blogosphere  magazine which has the lovely Zoella on the cover! Before writing this post, I had a quick flick through and picked out some topics in there I would like to talk about. Of course, being the main story, I am going to talk about Zoe’s interview, even though it isn’t fashion, but I have also picked out a few things from the fashion section to talk about.

*ting* my hot chocolates ready!

On the cover, we have Zoe wearing what I believe to be a grey off the shoulder jumper. Her hair is tied back very loosely into a bun style behind her head. Zoe’s make up is very natural. She looks effortlessly gorgeous. The blogosphere team have made a very good job of this cover.DSC00995.JPG

On the page introducing the interview, we have Zoe sat on a stool, wearing a blue oversized denim jacket. Although Zoe’s is much bigger than what you might perhaps wearing an oversized jacket, I love the style. I really like oversized denim jackets at the moment and I know a lot of stores sell them in different ways etc. One style which I really like is the one from TopShop. This is the black oversized one which I’m not actually too sure they sell anymore. Let me check. Yes, they do still sell it, if you want to take a look, you can find it here. This is £45.00, yes a little bit pricey. I mean, I don’t have it, I’m withyou over there dreaming about it! I think I first saw this jacket when Poppy Deyes posted her Edinburgh Diary type thing on her blog. This is when I first fell in love with the jacket. I cannot describe my love for these jackets!

Poppy rocking the jacket 

I then found I little fashion page on page 50, with Cocoa Chelsea on. So, we are back again in these pictures with the denim jackets, which I love, but also a summer love of mine- bomber jackets! Over the summer, I was obsessed with bomber jackets and wore it pretty much everywhere! I found that these were really good in the summer, because they added a bit extra warmth, but were also quite light. The one that I have was £24.99 from H&M. You can get this is a variety of colours, but the one I have is in the classic green shade- a bit boring, but I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I love quirky and a lot of my stuff is, but with the bomber jackets, I wasn’t quite adventurous enough to get one with wacky patterns. Although, next year ;).

DSC01001.JPGHands of Style, who is wearing one of my beloved 2015/ early 2016 looks- High waisted black jeans, a tee and a checked shirt. Now, I used to love this look, probably still would if I wore it, and I used t
o have many variations of it. One of my ways to wear it, was a long sleeved grey ribbed top, with a black and white checked shirt and of course, my black ripped jeans. I had a variety of different coloured checked shirts. What a style.

Now, I’ve finished my hot chocolate, so I think I will shut up now! I hope you enjoyed my little fashion overview of some of my favourite styles from this magazine. Sorry none of my pictures had my drink in, I forgot to take pictures before I drank it!

I hope you enjoy your stay at fashion fourteen!

About the magazine:

Blogosphere is a magazine written by bloggers specially for bloggers. Writers include Alice Audley, Patricia Batatas and Carly Peart (Carly Rowena). The magazine is currently on Issue 11 and is £6. You can buy previous issues on the blogosphere website at reduced prices, I believe. I love the magazine and would recommend it to any blogger. You will definitely find something for you. 

All photographs within the magazine are credited to the photographers. 


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