Dressing like Rachel from FRIENDS

Today, I thought I would do a little look book type thing and try and recreate a look from the popular TV series, FRIENDS.

Friends was first aired in 1994, a time when the ‘mom’ style jeans were in style, but as an everyday jean style. Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston, left, in featured image) wore these ‘mom’ jeans throughout Season one a few times I believe, so I thought I would try and recreate this look, as now days, mom jeans are back in fashion again.

Just as a little disclaimer, at the moment, I don’t feel comfortable about putting a selfie or anything like that online, so I shall be using pictures of clothing from the internet, or ones that I have taken of my own clothes.

Also, sorry about the featured image not being of a very low quality, due to the time in which the show aired, it is not possible to find a higher quality one and I could also not find one with her whole outfit, so enjoy the picture with Monica (played by Courtney Cox).

So, I will start with the top. As you can see, the top which Rachel is wearing, has a big red block cross on it. Searching online, I haven’t found a top that is like this, however, I have found some easy alternatives. The alternatives range in many different forms, some very alike the top, other not so much and also range in price.

Onriver-island-wte of the plain white tops that I found was on the River Island website. I really actually quite like River Island. Some of their stuff is a little more pricey, however, you can find some other stuff which is cheaper if you don’t have the budget for some of their other stuff. Anyway, this top is £10.00. I think this top is quite a good alternative to Rachel’s top. It is around the right type of fit, not to tight or loose. I would say the only big difference is the neck. In this image, it looks like it has a turtle neck, which the website describes it to have, but in some of the other images the website provides, I can’t see it as much. Also, I just thought I should mention, this top is alike one of Rachel’s other season one tops, so if you would like that look, please let me know in the comments!


A slightly cheaper top I found was on the new look website. This tnew-look-wtop is £5.99. To me, this is the most a like Rachel’s and probably the best value for money. The top has the perfect loose fit and is cheap. I would definitely buy this top if I wanted to get a very similar replica of Rachel’s look.

I also found this one on the peacocks website. This was £6.00, and very similarpeacocks-wt to the New look top. The material looks very soft, flexible and perhaps the most comfortable.

Out of all the tops, I would probably go for the New Look one, partly because it has the perfect balance between them all. Of course, if you wanted to get an exact look a like to Rachel’s look and brownie points for DIY, you could cut out your own red cross and glue or sew it onto your white top.

Okay, so onto the jeans. There aren’t as many shops as I thought that sell mom jeans. When I was looking for a pair a few months ago, I actually found it quite hard to find a pair that I liked at a low price, so I ended up going to Topshop. I am going to put out there, that these were very expensive for a pair of jeans. Since purchasing them, I have seen them in loads of shops at a much lower price. Typical.

Okay, so I will start with my mom jeans. As I have already said, I got mine from mom-jeans-tstopshop. With a bit of help from my mum, money wise, I paid £52.00 for mine, I believe, however on the website it says £42.00.I love my mom jeans, don’t get me wrong, but I made the mistake of getting ripped ones. As good as they look, the rip definitely isn’t practical. Within the first week, I put my knee through it twice and had created a small tear, which is now much bigger. As for Rachel’s look, she is not wearing a pair that have any rips in, so if you wanted to recreate her look identically, go for the ones without the rips. I couldn’t find the not ripped ones on the website, so I have linked the ripped ones.

There are now many mom jeans out there. One of the slightly cheaper options is ASOS. I haven’t actually ever got anything from ASOS, so I can’t judge what their service is like etc, but I thought I would include them anyway, because they are slightly cheaper. The ones I found on ASOS are £35.99. I wasn’t able to sa
ve the image correctly, but they are essentially the topshop ones without rips. I have linked them if you are interested.

Another store which does mom jeans is H&M. On the website, they are not listed as Mom Jeans, but they
essentially are. These are perhaps a little more ‘retro’ with the patch pockets and the classic denim colour. These are £39.99. This pair probably isn’t my personal preference, but I thought I would include them anyway.

Using my current wardrobe

If I were to dress like Rachel, using my current wardrobe, I would of course wear my topshop ripped moto jeans. I would pair it with a tight ribbed top from Primark, which was £7.00 last year. Given that I can not see what Rachel is wearing on her feet during this episode, I would probably wear my Vans (range in price) with it.

I thought I would include an image of someone well known these days wearing this look: zoella-book-clun

Today it is Zoella aka Zoe Sugg, wearing mom jeans and a long white plain high neck top on the Zoella Book Club photoshoot!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want me to try and recreate any other looks, let me know in the comments below!

Enjoy your stay at Fashion Fourteen!


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