Winter Scarfs

Today, I am going to be discussing scarfs. Now, there are a hell of a lot of scarfs out there. Wooly ones, thin ones, tartan ones and more. We all have our personal preference. Mine is the tartan wool blanket scarfs.

I am currently obsessed with tartan wool blanket scarfs. The one I have is from Peacocks last year.

I think part of the reason I love this scarf is because of the fact it is like a blanket. What more could you want? A blanket and a scarf? My dream!

I also love the fact that you can wrap these right around you and wear them loose. I feel like these go with a lot of clothing items as well. Some of my favourite clothing items to wear them with is include my black coat, which, I’m not sure actually have a name, but the ones you typically see in green with the material thats not waterproof and the raccoon hood fur. I find that these go really well with jeans, which is a whole other topic, so I won’t ramble.

Whats your favourite scarf?

Don’t forget, you can leave fashion suggestions down in the comments and I will give them a read and post a few!

Enjoy your stay!

Sorry there is no image on this post, the picture which I included was very low quality. 


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