Welcome back and my under the weather go to look

Welcome back to Fashion Fourteen! I hope your new year is going great so far!

I’m not going to go for the sympathy vote, but I have been quite ill so far this year, so not a great start! But hopefully I will be feeling better soon!

However, I was thinking the other day, I could share with you my go to look while I have been feeling ill.

One thing which I have been living in is my onesie. This is a really cute turquoise blue onesie, which adorable winnie the pooh faces on. This has a really cute zip on it. I love it. The zip is a lpooh-onesieittle pink bow! I love this onesie, it was only £10 from Primark! Also, I’d just like to say sorry about the watermark and poor quality of the image, its the only one I could find as Primark don’t have it on their website, also I am pretty sure they do still sell it and I didn’t really feel like taking my own photos of it, partly because its in the wash right now and partly because I don’t feel great.


I have also been living in my Friends night-tee from Topshop. Now this was slightly pricey at £20, but I am obsessed with Friends and I couldn’t pass the opportunity as I have not seen a friends pyjama top in ages. I don’t believe that Topshop still sell this. friends-night-teeHowever, if you were feeling a little bit diy, you could find a plain t-shirt of your choice, or hoodie, whatever you wanted and find a t-shirt/ hoodie printer and get the image printed on to your top. I feel like that could be quite cool if you wanted a merch top, especially if the thing you want doesn’t sell merch or you wanted a cheaper alternative.

There are also a variety of friends t-shirts on eBay, etsy, amazon and redbubble.

Along with my Friends night-tee, I have been wearing some Primark pyjama leggings. I really like Primark pyjama leggings because they are tight, but also loose, they are really affordable at £7-8, really easy to get hold of and come in a variety of colours and patterns. There are often many primark leggings in the sale at around £3 if you wanted them slightly cheaper.

And if I’m not in my onesie I’m in my Primark grey cat dressing gown. Unfortunately, Primark don’t sell this anymore and I couldn’t find a picture of it online. However, I thought I would still mention it. I couldn’t find a price either, but I think it was around £10-20, which for a dressing gown, isn’t that bad. It is a short dressing gown, not one of the really long ones, it is also very soft and fluffy, as many primark ones are. I love it. It’s so cosy to lounge in and the perfect companion on a day when you’re feeling under the weather.

So thats about all of what I’ve been wearing over the past few days, I hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you wear on a lounge day or when you’re feeling under the weather!

Enjoy your stay at Fashion Fourteen! x


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