Flop or not: Elegant Touch False nails

This week has been my half term! So I thought what better way to celebrate than to crack out the fake nails that I got just after christmas! The ones that I picked up I actually can’t find on the Superdrug, Boots or Elegant Touch website, but they are just a gorgeous pinky rose colour. They are the ‘polish’ finish ones and they have what Elegant Touch call the super flexible and power tip finish to them.

I put these nails on last Friday and I have done various different activities and stuff like that to which they have survived.

The first thing that I did when applying them was pick out and match the sizes. This is super easy, especially if you find one that fits perfectly, because all you have to do is see what number it is and then find that number on another nail. Then, all you do is put enough glue, which is supplied with the nails, to cover your whole nail. Once you have done this, carefully place the nail down onto your finger and hold it for a few seconds just to make sure that the glue has set the nail in place. One thing that I would recommend is that if you are right handed, use your left hand to apply the right hand first. And if you are left handed, use your right hand to apply the left hand first. I found that this was a lot easier than trying to do it with the nails on because the nails can be a bit impractical at first.

The nails are actually really easy to get used to! I found that once I got used to them, I was completely forgetting that I had them on! I had mine on until yesterday, which was Thursday (6 days), and I didn’t really have any problems with them.

Nails that break 

Like real nails, these nails can break very easily. I found that a few in mine did break, which was annoying, but easy to fix.

Now, if you have spares left in the pack and want to just replace it, feel free to do that as that probably is the best option, but annoyingly I didn’t. This was because I had many of the nails left and my mum wanted to try fake nails, so I gave the rest to her. If you do this as well, or this is your second bunch of application, because I would say you have make two sets out of a pack, filing them down is actually super easy.

One thing that I didn’t notice until yesterday was that the nails actually come with a mini nail file. This is tucked round the back of the pack.

Filing them down is really easy, all you do is file like a normal nail! When filing them down I would recommend sticking to the classic square shape, so all of the nails match.

Getting them off

Getting them off takes a while. I picked up the Elegant Touch Get ’em Off artificial nail remover. This was £2.65 from Boots.

With the remover, all you have to do if pour a little bit (enough to cover your nails) into a cup or bowl and soak your nails in it. The nails will begin to dissolve. This can take 25+ minutes and isn’t to be used if you are in a rush.

I was in a rush to take mine off and didn’t read the bottle until i started where its says the time guidance. So, I ended up taking half of my nails then wiping off the remover with a cotton pad and trying to pull the nails off. I know that this can damage your nails, put I was in a rush and I can’t see any physical damage. Once they have been pulled off, the glue might still remain on your nails. I would recommend using the nail polish remember to wipe it off and then you are left with a tiny amount on there, which you can pick off quite easily.

Overal rating and score

Score: 8/10

I would score these nails an 8/10 because I actually really enjoyed wearing them. They last really well, apart from the last few days where a few of them broke and two came off yesterday. I would 100% buy them and different styles again! The reason I didn’t score slightly higher was because getting them off was slightly difficult and a few broke!

Let me know in the comments if you have tried them and what styles you have tried!

See you soon!


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  1. papergirl08 says:

    I really like element touch nails aswell. Some of mine fell off but I think it was because I used barely any glue.
    Loved your post❤ I’m a new follower but I cant wait to read more of your posts Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah ! I smothered mine in glue!! Glad you liked the post xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. papergirl08 says:

        Ahah I should probably try that X


  2. papergirl08 says:

    I really like elegent touch nails aswell. Some of mine fell off but I think it was because I used barely any glue.
    Loved your post❤ I’m a new follower but I cant wait to read more of your posts Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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