Getting nice comments?

Now, this may sound absolutely pathetic, but today, I checked into my blog and saw quite a few lovely comments!

SO I just wanted to say, if you were one of them lovely people, thank you so so much, you won’t ever understand how much it means to me!

Feel free to follow me and drop me a like and a comment!

I love you all!

Fashion Fourteen x


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  1. Emily says:

    Lovely comments are such a lovely thing to wake up to! I love reading any comments on my blog and I always try my best to reply to them. Have a great day!

    xxxx from Emily //

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    1. I agree! I always try my best to reply to them all! Thanks for visiting! Xxxx


    2. fenna says:

      I know right! I don’t get too many comments, but it always motivates me when i see someone enjoying my posts!


  2. fenna says:

    Are you still 14? And if you are still in school, how do you study and do you have any tips?

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    1. Yes! I am still 14 for a few more weeks so I am still in school! Great question! I will be sure to make a blog post coming very soon! I’ll make sure to tag you in it! Thanks for the suggestion! X


  3. fenna says:

    I nominated you for a challenge! You can check it out if you want:

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  4. papergirl08 says:

    I think positive comments are one of the best things because waking up to one or getting a notification just makes me smile. I instantly become super happy because the thought of someone reading something that I wrote and enjoying it?? Its crazy but lovely X


  5. Zeynab says:

    It’s not silly at all. I love getting nice comments, it’s one of my favourite things about blogging. It’s nice to see that people appreciate your handwork. Have a lovely day and you have a great blog!

    The Beauty Load

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    1. Awh thank you! I’m glad you agree! Xxx


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